Tuesday, December 28, 2010

colourful dreams

And then and then and then!

It's been a movie watching week.  I watched The Emperor's New Groove for the first time in forever on Sunday, and on Monday I entertained myself with Kamikaze Girls, which first introduced me to Baby The Stars Shine Bright (link to a previous outfit) some few years ago.  I should've known that was dangerous...  On this night, I donned my colourful best and headed to my parents' (I spend a lot of time there...) to watch Inception.  It was very interesting, except for the action stuff.  But I'm not much of an action-movie person, so I don't hold it against the movie.  Anyway, interesting.  I enjoyed the characters.  The sequence when what's-her-name was messing with what's-his-name's dream and making the dream-city do crazy stuff was fantastic; I'd watch a whole movie of just stuff like that!

I think I misspelled lollipop in my drawing.  Noted; will spell it correctly for the tag at least.  "Typos" are that much more annoying when they're written out and not actually typed.


  1. Oooh, I know... my typos usually come from speeding fingers, but writing them seems awfully inexcusable. I want the skirt!!!!!

  2. Thanks :D It's one of my favourite skirts! I always feel happy when I wear it.