Wednesday, December 15, 2010

material fascination

So I went to the fabric store.  It turned into a both wonderful and torturous experience, as I found myself surrounded by countless lovely colours and patterns and all manner of prettiness... but I couldn't exactly take every pretty thing I saw back home with me.  I didn't even have a very good idea of what I might do with most of the pretty I found—I've done a little sewing in the past, but I'm easily distracted and never stick with things.  And yet!  The pretty!!  Cute, classic floral prints; Japanesque novelties; batik; colourful retro designs!!  Ooooh!

Eventually I got what I needed and narrowed down my choices of what I wanted (the designs up above were all purchased as fat quarters, so whatever I make of them will have to be fairly small.  but on the other hand, they were super cheap!) and managed to tear myself away from the place.  But I want to go back again... 

So if anyone has ideas for small fabric projects I could make of these, please share them!

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  1. Ooooh! Those are pretty fabric designs. Perhaps you could make quilt squares by following interesting patterns online, then eventually you can sew the different squares together and make a wall hanging sampler, or frame them individually, or make them into pillow covers! That's my 2 cents worth...