Saturday, December 4, 2010

strange coincidences

Oooh, as I was drawing this Saturday night I was so! excited! to post it, because the funniest thing happened!

For some reason that evening I had been browsing my early pages of daily fashion drawings (I first started this drawing project last year in august but got a little sparse/lazy around november and finally gave up in december until I restarted again this May) and happened to notice one wearing the same striped polo shirt I was wearing that day.  I thought... "Haha, it'd be funny if I wore it the same day last year!" but then I looked at the date, and... well.  Not only did I wear the same polo shirt on the same first Saturday of December, I ALSO wore the same pants AND the same yellow shirt!!  Of all the clothes and all the combinations I could have...  Is my brain so very predictable??

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