Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sparkly and comfy

I got myself motivated and scanned my skirt (it sounds strange, but that's what I did) so I could use the pattern here.  And while I was at it, I finished two more drawings that used the skirt! (and one that just shared a sketchbook page.)  Yayyyy, I'll get them all posted someday!!

The mother-of-pearl earrings were a Christmas gift from my aunt, who got them at a WAR Chest boutique (apparently they only have stores locally, but you can also shop online).  It's run by a really neat organization aimed at rescuing women at risk all over the world and providing them with ways to become self-sufficient in their communities.  The blue pair I wore on Sunday came from there too.  They are gorgeous earrings, and it's a good feeling to know they were made with a greater purpose and not just pumped out of a factory somewhere!

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