Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry Christmas day!

Christmas Eve is for wearing festive colours; Christmas Day is for wearing new things I got last night.  This sweater is gorgeous!!  I should've drawn a pose that showed the socks better, because they're great too, but I'm sure you'll see them again here :D

Also, just  for fun, a photo of the ensemble I wore outside to feed the birds at my parents' place, featuring my brother's much-too-big shoes that I pulled on.  Tee hee.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!  It's New Year's Eve Day as I write this, so Happy New Year to you too!


  1. i have to ask this because I love your clothes. assuming these are real (which to my understanding is the point) where do you shop?

  2. Yes, these are all drawings of what I wore that day, so they're real clothes from my closet :D I shop all over (and some pieces I've had for years) but let's see... For this outfit, this skirt was from Weathervane (years ago), the tights I recently bought from Forever21, the socks are American Eagle and the sweater was a gift but it's got a New York & Company tag. I picked up a bunch of lace and solid and patterned tights from Forever21 this fall/winter.

    Besides American Eagle and F21, I also like Wet Seal, for socks and tights, Kohls or JCPenny (occasionally Target) for basics and cheap stuff, Younkers and Old Navy now and then... I love Plato's Closet, which buys and resells used clothes that are more fashionable than what you'd find at your average Goodwill etc. Their prices are so cheap, so I can stock up on lots of stuff. Sometimes I browse if I want something a little different (YS sells mostly Korean/Japanese/Chinese brands), but their higher prices and the shipping fees keep me from doing that too often. My favourite brand on YesStyle is Dodostyle.

    Thanks so much for your comment, and I hope that helps! Is store/brand info something you think I should include with these posts regularly? I know many fashion blogs do note that info...