Tuesday, December 21, 2010

princess of legend

I leave you with one more for now! We had a lovely night out with a few of the high school girls from church, decorating Christmas ornaments and snacking and chatting.  My friend had made the pink rhinestone-dotted ornament as a sample, and sent it home with me at the end of the night with instructions that I must feature it in the day's post. But of course!  Such a lovely bubblegum-pink, bejeweled spectacle must be shared with the world!!  It now has a place on my cute tree (as seen here if you can spot it). Next year I'll give it a more central spot of honour.

I decorated my hair before the event with some curly silver ribbon I had salvaged from a pile of torn giftwrap last Christmas. It was the perfect use!

Oh, one more story behind the mismatched socks. I usually match mine, but earlier in the evening I'd stepped on our stairs funny and got the back of my heel scraped up a bit by a nail.  It hurt, but I didn't notice anything more till later, when I looked at the heel and noticed the dark red stripe was just a little bit darker in an area—blooood!! (yet it hadn't spread to any other stripes, just that dark one.) I had to wash out the knit tights and leave the house with a wet, alternate-socked foot.

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