Thursday, December 30, 2010

me and my brother

Tada!  It's the sequel to Friend Fashion!  This time I drew one of my brothers, who was totally stylin' after a shopping trip to the mall (we went to Express).  (I should probably point out his socks weren't meant to match the rest of the outfit, although I guess they are still on the same end of the colour wheel).  Again, you'll have to take my word for it that his shirt is an amazing colour, because digital just doesn't get it.  For my part, I decided to try something new with my Baby the Stars Shine Bright ensemble—there are only so many ways you can wear the pink bunny dress, so I decided to wear just the other dress.  But it's empire-waisted and looks kinda plain and nightgown-ish on its own, so I had to get creative.  Then I thought, "It's almost the new year!  What if I did something like an obi-sash?" (because apparently New Year=kimono.  I read too much manga...)  But my scarves weren't quite long enough for a proper obi tie, so I just made a nice bow.  And then I took the dress' wasit-ties and brought them around to look like the... other tie that goes over the obi.  I'm forgetting my terms.  Anyway, I was happy with it.

More semi-relevant rambling... (is this turning into a livejournal post or what?)

Then I tried making caramel spiced popcorn again but I burned the caramel.  And then I forgot to take Kamikaze Girls to my parents' and locked myself out of my house, so I couldn't show everyone why I love Baby the Stars Shine Bright so much.  It was a little disappointing... (but I made a new batch of caramel popcorn later, and it took foreeeeeeeever on my parents' electric stove, but at least it turned out.)

Oh, and we went to the yarn store and I spent the night knitting stuff but didn't actually make anything I wanted to keep.  I spent a bit trying to figure out crochet again to make flowers, but I am useless at that.  Then I found a pattern in one of my knitting books to make little knit flowers!  Yay knitting!!


  1. Ohhh...I like the add-a-guest feature, it's fun to see how you characterize and illustrate them.
    I've noticed lately that your expressions are sleepy or unmotivated, what's up with that? Keep up the amusing pictures for us!

  2. It's fun for me too, but challenging since I have to try to make the drawings look like the person they depict! Makes me nervous...

    Sorry I look so unmotivated lately. Maybe you can blame it on the time of day I usually do the drawings? (nighttime, before I go to sleep.) I'll try to work up an energy boost though!