Wednesday, December 1, 2010

happy december!

I had a long day, full of playing with small children. Generally this is alllllll good with me, but our church's congregational meeting went longer than the usual Wednesday-night activities, so by the end of the night I think all the kids in the nursery were getting impatient and stir-crazy. Also, one of them was getting kinda bossy with me. I don't take well to bossing, I think, because I was and will forever be the big sister of my family, which means I am the one who bosses everyone else. It can be no other way!

Hey look, you get a bonus mini-drawing of my outerwear! December greeted us with a picture-perfect snowfall, our first of the season. Of course it was a day on which I had plans to walk to a friend's! While I was out walking about town, I happened to pass some guys from the local news who seemed to be videotaping or photographing me as I walked by. Whether this made it into the evening news as part of a story about how It Snowed In Our City Today or not, I don't know because I don't have a tv. But if it did, I'm glad I was wearing a full array of colours!

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