Thursday, December 9, 2010


I figured out something good while doing the dots on this shirt! After doing the dots on another day's first and getting tired of it, I decided to copy-paste a chunk of screentone from a page of the manga I'm lettering* and invert the colour (so the black dots became white) and plop it on top. Instant-dots! Hurrah! So easy!!

Anyway, on this day I had a peppermint-mocha latte and did some crafty stuff with friends.  It was fun, but after I got home, I realized I had waaaaaaay too much energy and could barely think straight.  Is my caffeine-tolerance that low?

*(for anyone who didn't understand that—manga refers to Japanese comics, and many of them use screentone, which is a black-and-white pattern that, when printed, creates shades of grey (or other designs) on a printed page. sometimes the dots are close together to create a dark grey; sometimes farther apart to create a light grey shade.)

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  1. Could it be the syrup in that coffee drink that also contributed to the strange effect it had on you? Ah, but it does make for a cute expression!