Friday, December 3, 2010

complimenting complements

At church a girl randomly complimented my sweater.  I wasn't sure if there was a reason why beyond her just liking it and saying so, but I do rather like this traditional looking v-neck.  It was perfect for our annual Advent Adventure craft and activities night :D  I helped with a craft making yarn-doll angels, my friend's idea.  They were super cute!!

Also, any time I wear a red sweater with my navy pleated skirt, I think of the American Girl doll Molly.  Didn't she wear something like that for Halloween?  I could be getting it mixed up with the skirt she wore for her regular outfit.  (but she had to wear a normal skirt under her tissue-paper hula skirt too, right?)


  1. I find this combination adorable. Traditional sweaters are the best. I can't stand the crazy new asymmetrical ones that look like they have cancerous growths...

  2. Thanks! I agree—I keep seeing sweaters with huge cowl necks and such, and they make me want to run away. Being a knitter has also given me an appreciation for the cabling designs of many traditional sweaters.

    (although... browsing sweater images on google brought up this untraditional design, which I find quite fascinating.)