Saturday, October 30, 2010

lolita dreaming sweet

I went to a Halloween-Reformation Day party at my friends' place , so I had to dress up!  Of course!!  And continuing with cute-boot week, I wore my fuzzy pink boots again.  They nearly matched the ones the bunnies on the dress were wearing!  Too perfect.

This is the second time I've worn this dress since buying it in San Francisco in August. Seeing a real Baby The Stars Shine Bright store was so amazing and dreamy~ I wanted to wear everything! I actually would've been sensible and gone home empty handed, but my family convinced me I really really wanted a dress, so I ended up getting a lucky pack with this outfit inside (the dress, under-dress and bonnet). Now I find myself wanting more opportunities to wear it, and dreaming of expanding my collection beyond just this one dress. Ahh, someday...!

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