Wednesday, December 22, 2010

more christmas crafting

Tada!!  The reason I went to the fabric store that day—I needed materials to make potholders as a Christmas gift.  (I still may make some for myself too, as I currently have to make do with a spare towel or two.)  (also this sketch is a lie—I totally used a sewing machine and NOT a needle and thread. but needle-and-thread was easier to draw.)  I brushed up on my sewing skillz... it turns out I can still sew in a relatively straight line with a sewing machine!  Go me!!  I'm a little skeptical of my ability to do anything more complex, though.  Once, with a lot of help and advice from mum, I made a fairly simple skirt, but otherwise most of my sewing experience comes from making sleeping bags for my and my brothers' Beanie Babies back when those were the hot new thing.  That also involved a bunch of straight lines.  Still, every bit of practice helps!!  And it's so fun to see something nice come together from a bunch of fraying scraps of fabric, right before my eyes!

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