Friday, December 31, 2010

sparkling new year

Happy New Year's Eeeeeve!!

That's sparkling juice, by the way. Champagne tastes gross. To match the juice, I also wore sparkly earrings and sparkly shoes! Hurrah!

Hope everyone has a great 2011! I'll do my best to keep drawing and posting fashion into 2012!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

me and my brother

Tada!  It's the sequel to Friend Fashion!  This time I drew one of my brothers, who was totally stylin' after a shopping trip to the mall (we went to Express).  (I should probably point out his socks weren't meant to match the rest of the outfit, although I guess they are still on the same end of the colour wheel).  Again, you'll have to take my word for it that his shirt is an amazing colour, because digital just doesn't get it.  For my part, I decided to try something new with my Baby the Stars Shine Bright ensemble—there are only so many ways you can wear the pink bunny dress, so I decided to wear just the other dress.  But it's empire-waisted and looks kinda plain and nightgown-ish on its own, so I had to get creative.  Then I thought, "It's almost the new year!  What if I did something like an obi-sash?" (because apparently New Year=kimono.  I read too much manga...)  But my scarves weren't quite long enough for a proper obi tie, so I just made a nice bow.  And then I took the dress' wasit-ties and brought them around to look like the... other tie that goes over the obi.  I'm forgetting my terms.  Anyway, I was happy with it.

More semi-relevant rambling... (is this turning into a livejournal post or what?)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sparkly and comfy

I got myself motivated and scanned my skirt (it sounds strange, but that's what I did) so I could use the pattern here.  And while I was at it, I finished two more drawings that used the skirt! (and one that just shared a sketchbook page.)  Yayyyy, I'll get them all posted someday!!

The mother-of-pearl earrings were a Christmas gift from my aunt, who got them at a WAR Chest boutique (apparently they only have stores locally, but you can also shop online).  It's run by a really neat organization aimed at rescuing women at risk all over the world and providing them with ways to become self-sufficient in their communities.  The blue pair I wore on Sunday came from there too.  They are gorgeous earrings, and it's a good feeling to know they were made with a greater purpose and not just pumped out of a factory somewhere!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

colourful dreams

And then and then and then!

It's been a movie watching week.  I watched The Emperor's New Groove for the first time in forever on Sunday, and on Monday I entertained myself with Kamikaze Girls, which first introduced me to Baby The Stars Shine Bright (link to a previous outfit) some few years ago.  I should've known that was dangerous...  On this night, I donned my colourful best and headed to my parents' (I spend a lot of time there...) to watch Inception.  It was very interesting, except for the action stuff.  But I'm not much of an action-movie person, so I don't hold it against the movie.  Anyway, interesting.  I enjoyed the characters.  The sequence when what's-her-name was messing with what's-his-name's dream and making the dream-city do crazy stuff was fantastic; I'd watch a whole movie of just stuff like that!

I think I misspelled lollipop in my drawing.  Noted; will spell it correctly for the tag at least.  "Typos" are that much more annoying when they're written out and not actually typed.

Monday, December 27, 2010

normal day

And back to normal days again. I wore jeans, isn't that shocking?

I don't have much to say, so here's a bonus doodle from when I was messing around with my brother's tablet!

Oh wait, I know! I wanted to say hello to all you new people who got here from Liana's lovely paper doll blog! (and all my family and friends who are regulars here, you should check her site out!! It is full of pretty things!) I update kind of sporadically because I don't have time every single day to get my outfit drawn, scanned, cleaned up, coloured, and a post written, so I apologize in advance for that, but I'm committed to getting every day posted eventually, even if it's not on time (also, in case anyone's confused, I date my posts for the day the outfit was worn, not the day I posted it)! So please enjoy :D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry day after Christmas!

So I had a lovely Christmas.  The next day I went to my parents' place again after church because mum was making hash browns!!  Mm, delicious warm potato-food.  Well, while I was there my dad discovered a forgotten Christmas gift in his sock drawer.  It was... a digital camera!!  A super adorable turquiose coloured one, just for me!  So now I can take pictures of all sorts of cute and wonderful things, like Finny fallen asleep with the yarn I'm knitting, or my mini Christmas tree as you saw a couple posts back.  Thanks, mum and dad!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry Christmas day!

Christmas Eve is for wearing festive colours; Christmas Day is for wearing new things I got last night.  This sweater is gorgeous!!  I should've drawn a pose that showed the socks better, because they're great too, but I'm sure you'll see them again here :D

Also, just  for fun, a photo of the ensemble I wore outside to feed the birds at my parents' place, featuring my brother's much-too-big shoes that I pulled on.  Tee hee.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!  It's New Year's Eve Day as I write this, so Happy New Year to you too!

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry Christmas eve!

Christmas Eve at last!  Reli-li-lief!!  I considered wearing this fitted turtleneck sweater under my green vneck but decided against it. This was a good thing, because I later realized I already did that combo last Christmas eve!

Even though we were sitting around most of the time at my aunt's, my feet were still sore after spending the night in heels. It's astonishing what one will do for cute looks. (but the shoes are so very very cute!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

counting down

Two days to Christmas, and one stubborn brother to shop for (he gave everyone exactly NO ideas, so we were all on our own).  I spent the night at my parents' and wore these clothes right out of the wash!! (yes yes, I do use their washer and dryer because my house doesn't have one.  I bought my own detergent to use, though!)  Actually, of all the laundry I did I managed to not wash any pants except pajamas (in my defense, it's not like I wear them very often), so I had to run home first to change before heading to the mall one last time.  Have to look my best (or at least decent) for the mall crowd!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

more christmas crafting

Tada!!  The reason I went to the fabric store that day—I needed materials to make potholders as a Christmas gift.  (I still may make some for myself too, as I currently have to make do with a spare towel or two.)  (also this sketch is a lie—I totally used a sewing machine and NOT a needle and thread. but needle-and-thread was easier to draw.)  I brushed up on my sewing skillz... it turns out I can still sew in a relatively straight line with a sewing machine!  Go me!!  I'm a little skeptical of my ability to do anything more complex, though.  Once, with a lot of help and advice from mum, I made a fairly simple skirt, but otherwise most of my sewing experience comes from making sleeping bags for my and my brothers' Beanie Babies back when those were the hot new thing.  That also involved a bunch of straight lines.  Still, every bit of practice helps!!  And it's so fun to see something nice come together from a bunch of fraying scraps of fabric, right before my eyes!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

princess of legend

I leave you with one more for now! We had a lovely night out with a few of the high school girls from church, decorating Christmas ornaments and snacking and chatting.  My friend had made the pink rhinestone-dotted ornament as a sample, and sent it home with me at the end of the night with instructions that I must feature it in the day's post. But of course!  Such a lovely bubblegum-pink, bejeweled spectacle must be shared with the world!!  It now has a place on my cute tree (as seen here if you can spot it). Next year I'll give it a more central spot of honour.

I decorated my hair before the event with some curly silver ribbon I had salvaged from a pile of torn giftwrap last Christmas. It was the perfect use!

Oh, one more story behind the mismatched socks. I usually match mine, but earlier in the evening I'd stepped on our stairs funny and got the back of my heel scraped up a bit by a nail.  It hurt, but I didn't notice anything more till later, when I looked at the heel and noticed the dark red stripe was just a little bit darker in an area—blooood!! (yet it hadn't spread to any other stripes, just that dark one.) I had to wash out the knit tights and leave the house with a wet, alternate-socked foot.

Monday, December 20, 2010

casual kitty

Casual day! Which apparently means Hello Kitty and plaid-skirt-with-hot-pink-nailpolish-spill. I have a new item of black clothing (joining two or three others), thanks to my lovely cousin!! It's gathered at the bottom, which I find incredibly cute.

I promise I won't wear the leggings out in public without a skirt or something layered over them, though. I only did that sort of thing when I was in third grade and stretchy stirrup pants with loud floral patterns were my favourite Saturday pants (my mum wouldn't let me wear them to school with my hot-pink scribble-design shirt and four different coloured socks).

Sunday, December 19, 2010

winter knits

Thanks, all you who keep checking in here!  I promise I won't give up, even if I fall behind!  And it's the holidays, after all—I'm allowed to be lazy and spend time with my dear family rather than my dear computer, right? :D

Until I get the rest of the way caught up, have a sweater-dress!!  It's new, but I waited till the last Sunday of Advent to wear it (to match the last purple candle being lit).  It sheds purple fuzzies EVERYWHERE.  Good thing I got a sweater-de-fuzzifier for Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

no cookies

Oh look, it's another grey dress!

This was a day of much running around... and then sitting at home wishing I were better at planning ahead.  I got it into my head at 11pm that I should make eggnog cookies to bring to the family gathering on Sunday, but found I needed at least one more egg than I had, and couldn't reach my brother to have him pick some up for me (he was later dropped off at our house by a police officer! at 4am! because he had locked himself out of his car. scared me out of my wits, seriously).  But the frantic weekend is over now, and as of today (Tuesday) I have acquired eggs and made cookies.  Hooray!

Friday, December 17, 2010

grey knit love

Grey is my favourite non-colour.  It's so much more interesting than white or black!  Warm greys are especially nice.  Knit fabric (like soft tshirt material) is also nice.  When I was little, I had a grey dress of knit material with a pink flower print, and I loved it to bits (not literally).  It was warm and cozy, and when I spun around wearing it, it twirled up fabulously.  This dress reminds me of it a little!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

unmotivated jellyfish

Hum.  This pose was very not-thought-out; I was feeling extra unmotivated, so I just went with the first thing my pencil drew.  As it was, I had to make a deal with myself that once I got my drawing(s—I was already a day behind) done I could watch the new episode of Princess Jellyfish.  It worked!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

material fascination

So I went to the fabric store.  It turned into a both wonderful and torturous experience, as I found myself surrounded by countless lovely colours and patterns and all manner of prettiness... but I couldn't exactly take every pretty thing I saw back home with me.  I didn't even have a very good idea of what I might do with most of the pretty I found—I've done a little sewing in the past, but I'm easily distracted and never stick with things.  And yet!  The pretty!!  Cute, classic floral prints; Japanesque novelties; batik; colourful retro designs!!  Ooooh!

Eventually I got what I needed and narrowed down my choices of what I wanted (the designs up above were all purchased as fat quarters, so whatever I make of them will have to be fairly small.  but on the other hand, they were super cheap!) and managed to tear myself away from the place.  But I want to go back again... 

So if anyone has ideas for small fabric projects I could make of these, please share them!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sleepy ruffly

The second part of the bored-sleepy set.  Again I am sad that I can never quite achieve the vibrancy of my medium-dark turquoise clothes with the flat colours available to me in a digital palette.  Alas, RGB...

Monday, December 13, 2010

sleepy brights

I've been getting bored lately.  Boredom makes me sleepy.  But fortunately, sleepy poses are new and interesting, which makes them easy to draw! (that may sound strange, but for me it's more difficult to draw when I don't have a specific pose in mind, or can't think of an interesting way of drawing a more "normal" pose, than when I sit down with an unusual idea in mind.)  I whipped this sketch out in a matter of minutes!

Tomorrow's a sleepy day too.  It's good weather for curling up under a pile of blankets... mmm.


Some more new-old outfits posted!  Eight of them this time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!  I used the scan-a-pattern-and-warp technique again for a couple of them (since I had to scan the design in anyway in preparation for today's outfit).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

winter seashell

Please excuse the strange pose, a direct result of the previous day's pose taking up more than its fair share of the page.  This outfit's theme(?) was pink, for the third week of Advent.  I decided that turquoise, like yellow, (and green, brown, and purple,) looks great paired with pink!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

christmas decoratin'

Saturday evening was spent with the family (minus one, plus two), decorating the Christmas tree!  Yay!! It was nice to go back home and be a part of that.  My own tree is very small and still rather sparse in the ornament (and light) department.  But our family's Christmas tree is packed with lights and ornaments and happiness!!

This year it was my turn to hang the Dancing Cow ornament, the treasure of our collection.  It's a wooden cow with a pull-string that makes his arms and legs move, and was one of the first ornaments my parents got for their tree.  There was also a hunt to find the paper fan angel with a photo of my brother's 8(?)-year-old face, another (slightly) more recent treasure.

Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas sock weather

Straight hair!  It's a straight-hair-no-glasses day.  And now... for a few hours of today, the 10th of December, I am going to savour being all, entirely caught up on daily-fashion posts.  Tomorrow I may fall behind again, but today I can be satisfied.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


I figured out something good while doing the dots on this shirt! After doing the dots on another day's first and getting tired of it, I decided to copy-paste a chunk of screentone from a page of the manga I'm lettering* and invert the colour (so the black dots became white) and plop it on top. Instant-dots! Hurrah! So easy!!

Anyway, on this day I had a peppermint-mocha latte and did some crafty stuff with friends.  It was fun, but after I got home, I realized I had waaaaaaay too much energy and could barely think straight.  Is my caffeine-tolerance that low?

*(for anyone who didn't understand that—manga refers to Japanese comics, and many of them use screentone, which is a black-and-white pattern that, when printed, creates shades of grey (or other designs) on a printed page. sometimes the dots are close together to create a dark grey; sometimes farther apart to create a light grey shade.)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

charming, yes?

Another evening spent with the kiddies at church, who were adorable and wild and hilarious.  Yay!!  I actually managed to be cold wearing all this (but then, I had forgotten the armwarmers at home after taking them off to make delicious potato curry for the church's dinner potluck).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

diamonds and dots

My head is swimming with colours right now, as I just did some more catching up and coloured a few older drawings, which you can see h-e-r-e-! (or just check out late June and early July dates).

Now I kind of want to take a nap like in this drawing!

Monday, December 6, 2010

rock the stars

...I went shopping :D I find the best way to properly integrate new clothes into my wardrobe is to wear them as soon as I get them.  If I don't, or am hesitant, it's probably a sign that I didn't really want those clothes and shouldn't have bought them.  So, welcome, purple starry shirt and blue starry shirt with thumbholes in the sleeves! I enjoy drawing stars.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

uselessly cute jacket

Back to yellow and purple! And layers.  That jacket always makes me feel cold, despite its long sleeves, and despite "keeping you warm" being the basic purpose of jackets. I used a pair of legwarmers as insulation.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

strange coincidences

Oooh, as I was drawing this Saturday night I was so! excited! to post it, because the funniest thing happened!

For some reason that evening I had been browsing my early pages of daily fashion drawings (I first started this drawing project last year in august but got a little sparse/lazy around november and finally gave up in december until I restarted again this May) and happened to notice one wearing the same striped polo shirt I was wearing that day.  I thought... "Haha, it'd be funny if I wore it the same day last year!" but then I looked at the date, and... well.  Not only did I wear the same polo shirt on the same first Saturday of December, I ALSO wore the same pants AND the same yellow shirt!!  Of all the clothes and all the combinations I could have...  Is my brain so very predictable??

Friday, December 3, 2010

complimenting complements

At church a girl randomly complimented my sweater.  I wasn't sure if there was a reason why beyond her just liking it and saying so, but I do rather like this traditional looking v-neck.  It was perfect for our annual Advent Adventure craft and activities night :D  I helped with a craft making yarn-doll angels, my friend's idea.  They were super cute!!

Also, any time I wear a red sweater with my navy pleated skirt, I think of the American Girl doll Molly.  Didn't she wear something like that for Halloween?  I could be getting it mixed up with the skirt she wore for her regular outfit.  (but she had to wear a normal skirt under her tissue-paper hula skirt too, right?)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

happy december!

I had a long day, full of playing with small children. Generally this is alllllll good with me, but our church's congregational meeting went longer than the usual Wednesday-night activities, so by the end of the night I think all the kids in the nursery were getting impatient and stir-crazy. Also, one of them was getting kinda bossy with me. I don't take well to bossing, I think, because I was and will forever be the big sister of my family, which means I am the one who bosses everyone else. It can be no other way!

Hey look, you get a bonus mini-drawing of my outerwear! December greeted us with a picture-perfect snowfall, our first of the season. Of course it was a day on which I had plans to walk to a friend's! While I was out walking about town, I happened to pass some guys from the local news who seemed to be videotaping or photographing me as I walked by. Whether this made it into the evening news as part of a story about how It Snowed In Our City Today or not, I don't know because I don't have a tv. But if it did, I'm glad I was wearing a full array of colours!