Thursday, January 13, 2011

where does it go?

top - In Vain (Kohl's)
lace shirt - ? (YesStyle)
grey shirt - Target
skirt - StringBean (secondhand)
tights - Express and Forever21
I would be grateful if you could forgive the slightly odd proportions in this drawing.  Lately I keep starting my drawings too close to the bottom of the page, but I hate cutting off the feet, so I just did my best to make it fit. And it looks a little weird.  Sorry. Hopefully the lace pattern on the tights is enough to distract you!!  Isn't it cool looking?

Oh, there was some "concept" I had in mind when I drew the pose... what was it?  Oh yeah, right, I was looking back trying to figure out where my day went. It went to doing work, that's where! But sometimes I get so wrapped up in a project that I forget about everything else and before I know it, it's 3am and I'm still working. Those are fun times.

By the way, I know I skipped a couple days' posts, but they'll be up... soon.  Probably after the weekend, because right now I'm in Deadline Mode and anything I do that's not work or eating or sleeping makes me feel guilty and anxious.

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