Thursday, January 6, 2011

lace ninja

blouse - Bodyline (Japanese budget-lolita(?) brand)
skirt - Old Navy
tabi socks - Tabbisocks
crystal earrings - Forever21

I don't know what this outfit is. A frilly lacy blouse and then a double layer of socks... what with the layered tabi socks and kneesocks, I kinda felt like a ninja or something. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone besides me, but...

Also, a kind reader asked if I could list brands for the clothes I'm wearing, so from now on I'll give it a try (for the things I can remember anyway)! Anyone who's interested, see the caption below the image!

The tights and kneesocks probably came from Kohl's or something, but it's been forever. Also, if you wantcoloured bobbypins, I made mine by painting some plain ones I had with nailpolish. Super easy.


  1. Yes! I have been wondering about brands.... Like that one lacy top you have. =]

  2. Which lacy top are you wondering about? (was it the one in the Jan7 post? that one has the brand listed.) I looove lace so I have a bunch. Every time I see a reasonably-priced lacy shirt I grab it :D