Thursday, January 20, 2011

curry noodles

lace shirt - Nicole Miller
yellow shirt - Mudd
sweater dress - Wet Seal
skirt - Fire (Kohl's)
tights - Forever21
socks - Sockdreams

This is part one of a food-pose series!  Lys Making Curry-Noodle-Stuff!  I love noodles but have been afflicted with various food allergies and intolerances and generally try to avoid wheat/gluten and dairy.  Which are in, like, everything.  So how happy I was to discover rice noodles at my local Asian grocery store (and they're soooo cheap too)!  For a while I only used them in specific recipes like pad thai, but since moving out and living with my brother I find myself doing more "improv" cooking for my dinners.  One of my recent favourite things to make is this curry-pad-thai-ish dish with chicken, zucchini, spinach, onions and garlic and a sauce made of curry powder, yogurt (the one dairy food I allow myself), soy or almond milk and some peanut butter.  Sometimes I toss in dried coconut and usually a bit of cayenne pepper or something to spice it up.  Chicken-zucchini-spinach with rice noodles and spaghetti sauce is also very good.  Oh food, I love you.

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