Saturday, January 22, 2011

sailor scavenger

dress - Bodyline
tights - f21
shoes - American Eagle (Payless)

Noooooo I forgot to colour the tail of the bow in the back of the dress!  Oh well, moving on.

This day I spent mostly in pajamas, working on work.  Then around, I dunno, 4 or 5pm I decided I should get dressed because we were going to my parents' for dinner.  And after spending all day feeling like a bum in pjs, I needed a drastic change!  So I dressed up in frills.  Man, tons of frills, as I realized while drawing the outfit later.  I still had time to get work done, so I loaded up the convenient heart-pockets on the dress with dried pineapple and pecans and set back to work.  (yes, my eating habits tend toward scavenging most days.)

I've had a slightly odd fascination with sailor outfits for a while now.  My cousin and I have an ongoing joke about dressing our future-someday children in snappy little Victorianesque sailor suits.  Ooh, the precious-ness!  Until such time as I have a child to dress up, I guess I have to make do with dressing up myself.  Therefore, this dress is awesome :D

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