Monday, January 3, 2011

blueberry princess

See, this is why watching movies full of frilly lacy wonderful dresses is dangerous—it makes me want to wear them too!! I found a Japanese company that sells dresses at a very reasonable price—$20-30 for a lot of their pieces right now, rather than the $200+ that brands like BTSSB charge. So... I ordered a couple... few... You'll see the rest around here soon, I'm sure. (once I get my iron from my parents' place! There are some wrinkles that need fixin' up!)


  1. What website are you finding these dresses on?! I need something lolita-ish for my cosplay for JAFAX!!! :D

  2. Lindsey just messaged me today to ask the same thing!! Hahaha. Ooh, what/who are you cosplaying?? The company is Bodyline; here is their website. If you decide to order something at some point, let me know! I may want to go in on it with you and that way we can split the shipping... :D