Saturday, January 8, 2011

grumpy chocolate day

blue shirt - ? (Younkers)
cami - Express
brown shirt - Wet Seal
capris - UnionBay (Kohl's)
tights - Forever21
legwarmers - Target?

So I was a little grumpy this day.  I addressed this problem by eating some chocolate (but I promise I only broke off one square... or maybe two) and reading manga that made me cry and knitting.  I am making these and right now they look like this!  Awesome, huh?  Hopefully they'll be awesome.  I need to get around to finishing them though.  Go lys go!!


  1. That knitting... It's so beautiful!

    Where did you find the pattern?

    What stitches are those and how do you do it? (I knit, and love it.)

    Love the yarn too.

    Very pretty outfit.

  2. Thanks! You knit too? Awesome!! I got the pattern from a book, but I don't have it anymore and can't recall the title. The stitch is called "English Mesh Lace"—if you google it you can see many other examples.

  3. Very nice. Thanks for the info.

    Thank you for the email. I will reply soon.... =]

    I love to knit! I am on Are you?


  4. Oh yeah, I am on ravelry! I haven't really done anything with my account yet, but I keep intending to... My screenname there is glorious-lily :D