Friday, January 21, 2011

awesome sandwiches

shirt - Aéropostale
cami - Express
skirt - Wet Seal
tights - Forever21
earrings/necklace - friend-made!

Foodie pose number two!  This was actually a day full of great food, with a Salad Extravaganza dinner at my friend's place and all kinds of yummy toppings for our mounds of green leaves.  For lunch I went out with my mum to a local place that serves amazing, awesome food (Marie Catrib's, for my fellow locals) and you know what I got?  I got an awesome sandwich!  (with gluten free bread!  Marie, I love you!!)  My mum got a different awesome sandwich, and then we traded half.  And then I ate both my half-sandwiches, because they were both so delicious I couldn't bear to save one or the other for later.  *contented sigh at the memory*


  1. I love yummy sandwiches! They're so cozy somehow. My favorite is a BLT in the summer, and a ham-and-cheese melt in the winter.

  2. Sounds delicious! One year, I think it was after Christmas, we had all this leftover ham and mashed potatoes in the house, and I decided to make a sandwich of them. It was very filling and good :D Now I'm hungry...