Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring! spring?

dress and blouse - Bodyline
shoes - RuffHewn

Someone told me it was the first day of spring, so I wore a springy-flowery dress and earrings that remind me things will be growing again soon! But then someone else said they thought the first day of spring was the next day, so...  Eh.  I never did look it up so I don't know who was right, but I'm all for spring as early as possible!

Somehow I always find myself wearing these assorted leaf earrings together.  Maybe because they're all (except the silver flower) missing their pairs, so I think of them as a set.

The brown socks remind me of tree bark, and the shoes have a sort of mossy-green colour and texture, so when I wear them together I feel like a great tree rising from the earth! Well, a great, small tree...

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