Saturday, March 26, 2011

giddy blues

I am a nerd and a big fan of manga (Japanese comics).  I'd made an order at my bookstore-within-walking-distance (!!!!) and it took a few weeks, but fiiiinally came in, and I was so thrilled I dashed right out the door.  And then I realized I was wearing this long, narrow skirt, and it was really hard to take my usual long strides while walking (even though I'm short, I walk pretty fast normally!  especially when I'm going somewhere I want to be quickly.  Like high school or the bus stop, or a bookstore with desirable books, or a warm building when it's cold outside...).  I had to take many tiny-short steps.  Such a bother!  So I got impatient and rolled up the waistband to shorten it a few inches, and then continued on my way.  It was sooo much easier!

And then I got my beloved books.  And I read them.  And one of them (pictured, barely) had a cameo by a certain favourite-character from another series (that I haven't actually read much of, only seen pictures from) so I was thrilled to pieces.  Glee!

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