Wednesday, March 23, 2011

silly boy

shirtdress - H&M
jeans - American Eagle

When thinking of a pose to draw, I remembered laughing really hard earlier in the day.  Then I had to think a bit harder to remember why I'd laughed.  It was because a certain hilarious four-year-old was telling me about when his older brother had put a box of styrofoam packing peanuts above a door that his sister or mom later walked through.  And how this brother had also once put a cup of water above a door his sister later walked through (apparently it missed her, but got water everywhere else).  And then the kid had the great idea that he would put the box of packing peanuts he was currently playing with... behind a door.  Because he couldn't put it on top of the door, of course, it's up so high! He dashed off and I started cracking up because it was so absurd; a couple minutes later he was back and trying to persuade me that I should go through that door.  Kids are so weird.  (the rest of the story goes: I opened the door.  I saw that there was a box of packing peanuts behind it.  The end.)

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