Monday, March 28, 2011


skirt - Jouraine (YesStyle)

My Mondays have been kinda... blah, outfitwise, lately.  Is that just how Mondays are in the world?  Every so often I wear just one layer of shirt and think to myself, "Hey, that doesn't look too bad!"  But later in the day I realize how cold I am and remember the main reason I'm always wearing layers.

Randomly, I was looking at the tag for this skirt (which is slightly unusual—I ordered it online from YesStyle, and they carry a bunch of different brands, but a number of those brands don't actually tag their items)—anyway, I was looking at the tag, and it looked a lot like the old tag for Forever 21 clothes, with the scripty font and the roses on each side (like this).  But the tag itself read "Jouraine"... and I can't find anything online about such a brand.  It's weeeeird.  Is that some secret offshoot of Forever 21?

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