Sunday, March 6, 2011

nearly-spring sunshine

striped shirt - Old Navy
pink shirt - H&M
skirt - Wet Seal

This drawing goes with the one right below it—another pose swiped from Gals!  But I could swear I've drawn poses like this before... it's like manga has invaded my subconscious!  I draw silly manga-poses without even realizing it!!  Hmmm.

This Sunday was the one before Lent started, and I woke up just as the morning sun was shining right through my window!  It was so wonderful and bright, my sleepy mind thought it must be the middle of summer.  Even when I realized it was still winter and I had to get ready for church instead of sleeping in as I was tempted to, that bright sunshine made me so happy.  I think maybe God arranged for the sun to hit my window just as it did to help motivate me to get up early and use my time more wisely.  So for Lent I chose to give up my laziness and follow a schedule each day.  So far it feels really great!!

[edit: so the reason this pose feels so familiar might be because I did a very similar pose with another outfit that features the same pink shirt and yellow tights.  hah-hah-haaa...]


  1. Things that seem ordinary when we're not paying attention take on a special quality when we notice how God is at work in tangible, personal ways in our life.
    Good for you with your Lenten goal!

  2. I am sorry that I haven't been here in awhile--really busy with school, and then I am sick! I just scrolled down and read every post, though. I love all of your drawings. Thank you for sharing. =D

  3. Hey Monica! Thanks for commenting! And reading!! I'm sorry to hear you're sick—I'm trying to get over a cold too, and it's no fun. Hope you feel better soon!!

    And thanks for the encouragement, mum!