Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hummmm.  I think I spent this Saturday at my parents', doing laundry.  I also went shopping at an Indian grocery store in town with my mum (so many things! and I want to try them all!!! also they had the cheapest cilantro ever, like 50¢ a bunch!!) and to an art/craft store so I could finally get a new sketchbook.  Oh yeah, I never continued that story!  Okay, so I had that one page spread left in my old sketchbook, and it got me through Sunday the 13th (only because I crammed three drawings onto one page, rather than my usual two per) and then I was out of pages and out of ideas.  So... I took little pictoral-notes of what I wore for the next week+, and I'm just now filling in the pages in my new sketchbook (I've got two more drawings to finish).  But after that I've been keeping up with drawing every day again!  So maybe I'll actually be able to post outfits soon within a day or two of wearing them!  Wow!!!!!

My new sketchbook (I actually got two of them) is pretty neat—it has a white canvas cover so it can be drawn or painted on.  But!  Canvas texture seems to be exceptionally good at picking up fuzzies and cat fur (of which my house has an abundance), so it's a little annoying.  I might reupholster it with some cute fabric like I did my last sketchbook (which would be fine, since I didn't buy the sketchbook just for the canvas cover.  it was also by far the cheapest sketchbook in that size).  If I do, I'll have to show it off to y'all!!

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