Sunday, March 27, 2011


skirt - Wet Seal, when Wet Seal had tons of awesome
print designs and cute skirts...

My city has this awesome place that I love to go, with a great, huge greenhouse and all kinds of tropical plants (and carnivorous plants, and cacti, and seasonal plants, and...).  In early spring, they bring in all sorts of butterflies and let them loose in the tropical greenhouse.  It's wonderful to roam around in the warm, humid greenhouse-world and spot all kinds of flitting butterflies.  Everyone is especially always after the blue morpho butterfly.  I've gotten a couple shots of them in years past; this year's best was the bluish blur you see in this sketch (the other butterflies are also from photos I took).  I happened to be taking pictures of another resting butterfly when the blue one flitted by, and my camera snapped the picture just as it was in the middle of the screen.  What timing!

Also, please enjoy two more new-old posts featuring this skirt.  One of them features a small commercial.  Have fun!

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