Thursday, February 24, 2011

sugar happy

Some good friends of mine frequently mention sweet foods and it always makes me hungry, because I love sweets (but I love my veggies too, mum!).  On this occasion they were talking about chocolate truffle cake and I don't even know what that is exactly (apparently you can make it without flour, which means it's probably ridiculously rich and wonderful) but oh, how I wanted some.  Having no means to obtain it, I was forced to be creative and find something else that is sweet and yummy and also easy to make—and I happened upon a recipe for dorayaki!  They're like little pancakes folded in half, traditionally with sweet red bean filling.  (I later tried them with chocolate chips, banana, coconut shavings and other fillings, but I think the red bean is best (but chocobanana is still reeeeeally good)).  Yummy yum.  The only problem is that the recipe makes about 6-7, and if no one is around to share them with I might just eat them all in one sitting (and I can't cut the recipe in half, because it calls for one egg and what would I do with the other half of the egg?)

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