Friday, February 4, 2011

beginner's luck

sweater - American Eagle
top - L8ter (Younkers)
pants - YesStyle
socks - Sockdreams

I have fantastic beginner's luck.  Have I mentioned this before?  Especially with board games, it seems.  Maybe I'm just so quiet and unassuming that no one notices me until it's too late and I've taken over the world.  So this is my "Never you mind about little ol' me while I build a ridiculous train empire, and spell words like quinoa and tunicate (+50pts) in your Scrabble game" face.  (okay, so it wasn't my first time playing Scrabble, but it'd been a while, and most of my memories of the game are of putting down words like "did" and "far" and adding an "s.")

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