Saturday, February 5, 2011

sorta split complements

cami - American Eagle
tshirt - Mossimo (Target)
scarf - self-knit
skirt - Weathervane
tights - JC Penny
shoes - Apple Bottom
earrings - Forever21

Colour-theory outfit day!  This is split complementary (which is when you take two complements, say red and green, and then choose the colours directly adjacent on the colour wheel to one of them—so  redviolet, redorange, and green), mostly, although the cami might go a little too far into purple.  But theory is just theory; what matters is that it looks good, right?

So that's today's art/colour lesson.  As someone who could spend hours organizing giant Crayola boxes of crayons into perfect rainbow order and still has memories of the day she learned the colour wheel in an elementary school art class, I love this topic and its practical application (or was that already obvious?).  I hope you enjoyed it too!!