Saturday, February 26, 2011

a strawberry

This outfit's theme was strawberry!  Or at least I think of strawberries when I see it?  I was wearing a strawberry hat part of the day too, but I didn't draw it.  I guess this could be watermelon-colours too, but the little flowers on the top make me think of strawberry blossoms.  So there.

I had these knit flowers lying around for a project I haven't got around to finishing (...) and when I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair, I realized they would look really cute pulling my braids back! (yes, hair is still in braids, mostly.)  So I pinned 'em in, and one of them had long enough yarn-tails that I could actually braid the ends with my hair to get a colourful braid mixed in with the plain ones.

(another post I can't fit all the tags in.  arg.)


  1. Mmmmm, strawberries are delicious. I made shortcake yesterday and topped it with stawberries and creamy nut topping and served it at c-group. Tastes like Spring! By the way, Spring officially arrives on Sunday, the 20th.

  2. Ichigo!!!! I love strawberries- I've never had a birthday without a platter of them, usually dunked in chocolate moments before we all sit down.
    (Sorry I haven't been too commenty lately- lots of school.)

  3. Mum—yum, I looove that shortcake! Definitely perfect for spring :D

    Ashita—that sounds like an awesome birthday treat. My parents have strawberries growing in their garden, and they are sooooo delicious and sweet and perfect (as long as we keep the hungry robins away)! Thanks for your comment and good luck with school—hope it settles down for you soon!