Thursday, February 3, 2011

the old navy

(I feel kinda like one of the Jusco people
in Kamikaze Girls, writing that...)

Sweater-sweater day the second!  The outfit's theme is Old Navy, because everything came from there.  I started coordinating the outfit with the sweaters, was amused that they were both Old Navy, and decided to see if I could make an entire outfit of Old Navy clothes.  The socks were the only tricky part—I used to have a lot of their socks some years ago, but they almost all got worn out except for this and one other pair of thick-fuzzy socks.  Also, I realized I have a ton of Old Navy skirts—like, eight of them.  I guess that's fitting since the skirt that started my obsession came from there...  But still, I hardly ever shop there anymore, so it's weird to realize I've got so much of their stuff in my closet and dresser.

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