Friday, February 11, 2011

phones and me

sweaters - from Kohl's
skirt - Old Navy
boots - from Target
pig phone charm - some Sanrio-ish store in Chicago

On this particular Friday in February, T-mobile had some deal for free smart phone upgrades going on.  Since my family has a cell plan with them, various of us decided to go check it out.  My current phone was... oh, 4-5 years old, so I thought, maybe I'd find something worth upgrading to.

However, I'm one of those odd ducks who uses her cellphone for phone calls, as a substitute alarm clock, and occasionally for the calculator feature.  I don't text, I don't tweet, I don't browse the internet, I don't even (necessarily need to, though it might be nice to) take pictures with it...  and most importantly, I like cute.  This is problematic, because new phones are not particularly attractive to me.  Sure, they're slick and shiny and new, but they're not cute.  They're just big ol' boring ol' screens.  It's hard to find a new model a cute size, a pretty colour, and (the key point) possessing the little phone-charm-holder-slot.

So of course I found nothing I liked.  But there was a happy outcome even so!  I ended up getting my mum's old phone (she upgraded to a fancy new thing), an identical model to mine phone minus the scratch on the outer screen that always made me sad when I looked at it.  It's cute and a nice colour and my adorable round piggy-charm matches it perfectly!!  I couldn't be happier!

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