Tuesday, October 26, 2010

winds and lace

What even is this pose? And it took me forever to draw. Ugh. Whatever. Lace lace lace!! I just got this pink lace top and was so excited, I had to wear it right away!

Now, I have to make a statement. I don't wish to offend anyone, but there is a form of footwear that I detest, and that is the ugg boot. I can only assume "ugg" is a pet name for "ugly," and I cannot fathom why anyone with a mind for fashion would want to wear something that is specifically made to be ugly. It was brought to my attention through facebook that this is apparently "ugg boot week"(?), and then at the mall today I saw an awful ad for the offending boots. So I've declared war and will be wearing cute boots this week (or however long). I like boots with shape and style. Fluff is nice and bright colours are even better! It's impossible to replicate the exact colour of these boots with computer colours, but I want you all to know they are blindingly turquoise.

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