Monday, October 25, 2010

nonsense girl

I tried out something new with my hair today—pigtails!!  They're so fun and bouncy.  I think I'll wear them again.  Kind of a mix and match, nonsensical outfit today.  I felt so happy with myself that I got motivated and pulled out some more of the jungly-mess that once might have been a garden.  Later I baked a butternut squash and made corn muffins.  Mmm, warm comfort foods


  1. I wish I could have seen you in pigtails....Are the coral jeans one of your faves? They are the most worn item so far!

  2. Maybe I'll do pigtails on Friday so you can see! Yes, those are probably my favourite pair of pants (other than my grey jeans that you hate... but they're falling to pieces and also not colourful). I love the colour and they don't stretch out or get baggy like my other pants do. And to think I got them on super cheap clearance at Kohl's!