Friday, October 29, 2010

shoes that sparkle

These shoes!! The shoes!!!!  They are amazing, fabulous, glittery sparkly magical high-top shoes. I found them at AJ Wright in the clearance section (never been in that store before, probably never will again...) and my first reaction was something like shock, disbelief, and a twinge of horror at the ridiculous shoes before me. But seconds later I'd fallen in love with the sparkle and bling and couldn't put them down. I think it was fate. (even though they're a size too big. but they lace up tight so it's okay!) Sooooooo awesome shoes!!!! I don't think this drawing does them justice.  But they are fantastic.

By the way! I added some more posts for past months—it may or may not be obvious, but I started this blog about a week and a half ago, and I've been filling in past daily fashions as I get them coloured.  I've been keeping a fashion journal sketchbook since mid-May, but most of the drawings were not originally coloured until recently.  So it's a work in progress.  Anyway, these posts are new:
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  1. You, by far, have the most cheerful outfits ever.