Monday, April 4, 2011

sleepy fin

weird pants - Candies | cami - Express | socks - SockDreams

I'm getting caught up!  So caught up, I'm running out of finished things to post!  I'm going to be on my way out the door soon (I think...) and had just enough time to finish this, so enjoy!  I've been really into the blue-teal-brown colour scheme lately; you'll see it again in a few more days...

We had thunderstorms for a couple nights and my usually fearless, wild, nocturnal cat Finny turned a bit more meek and cuddly.  Of course, he sleeps the entire day anyway, so when I drew this I was probably just admiring his usual daytime laziness...  He's awfully cute.

Finally, have some updates from September 2009! (those are four separate links)

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  1. I really like the colors of this outfit and the look of the drawing is very cozy and contented!