Friday, April 1, 2011

fruit shower

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It's April!  Happy Apriiiiil!!!!  Woooo!!  And it's also a Friday, which ends up being the day we often go grocery shopping.  I came home with a pile of fruit!  You can see some of my fruits to the side, but I got some kiwi, bananas (which I waited 3 or 4 days to start eating, because I won't touch a banana until it has spots), kumquats, cheap (and not all that great, sadly) nectarines, and dried figs.  I got raisins too, but they're so tiny I didn't bother to draw them...  and oh, what's that thing down below that kiwi?  Why!!  It's a gluten-free oreo-style cookie!  I suppose this is why people say not to grocery shop hungry.  But once in a while it's happy-making to have little treats like that.  I'm not letting myself eat more than two cookies per day, so I can draw out my enjoyment of them!!

I didn't do any April Fooling this year.  I don't think I have in the past, either, although I remember a friend one year calling to tell me her family was moving away as an April Fool (did I catch on?  I think I did, though maybe not immediately).  Oh, when I took French classes and learned they celebrate it by sticking drawings of fish on people's back ("poisson d'avril") I might have participated in that.

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