Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the renouned illustrator

stripey shirt - Old Navy
purple skirt - Fire
tan skirt - from YesStyle

This Tuesday was spent doing a somewhat unusual kind of work for me—I got to visit elementary schoolers!!  It was a half-day program held over the kids' spring break, so it was just a small group of 11 kids, a couple of their parents, a visiting author and me. We had a great time!  I talked about doing my work as an illustrator, and put them to work drawing characters and a setting for the story they'd come up with during the author's activity.  I just love seeing kids' creativity on display at events like this.  Their imaginations are fascinating!!

I've posted two more outfits from 2009, and by some wonderful coincidence they both feature something from this outfit!  See more of the stripey-shirt here and the purple skirt here!

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