Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dusting day!

jeans - Old Navy

I owed my grandma a favour, so we arranged that I'd come over and do some dusting and cleaning for her that involved high-up tucked-away spaces she couldn't get to anymore. Ladders and stepladders were involved, along with some inching along kitchen counter tops.  There was some dust and a lot of grime (especially in the kitchen, what with all the cooking—when I was at my parents' later that day, I noticed that their cupboards extend all the way to the ceiling and I was glad of it.  my own cupboards, like my grandma's, end about a foot or so before the ceiling and now I am slightly worried about what might be up there if I were to look...) and a number of cobwebs.  And then there were rags and towels and Magic Erasers (♥), and various soapy substances and eventually, no more dusty cobwebs and not quite as much grime.  It was an accomplishment.

And now you get to see my Other Blue Jeans. (that's right, I've only got two pairs!)  They seemed well enough suited for a work-day.

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