Saturday, November 13, 2010

slapjack happy

It's the night of the (annual?) Escanaba in da Moonlight-watching party at my friends' place!  I attempted to dress up like a Yooper, but I'm not sure anyone caught on without me pointing it out.  Oh well, it amused me anyway.

The plaid shirt and boots both came from my brother.  I felt like some kind of bizarre godzilla clomping around in the boots :D  But they stayed on as long as I kept the shoelaces tied tight!  And I discovered that flannel shirts are soooooooooo waaaaaaaaarm.  I think I want a couple (in my size, though).


  1. How could they not see the Yooper in your outfit? If not that, I would think at least lumberjack. I think it's a great Yooper influenced outfit.

  2. Ha! I'm glad you can tell :D I like dressing up with a theme in mind. Yoopers and lumberjacks seem fairly similar in fashion, at least in my mind...