Thursday, November 11, 2010

maize and blue plus green

Happy lucky 11-11 day!!  Somehow, whenever I decide to wear one yellow item, it turns into wearing a bunch of yellow.  I've also picked up a tendency to pair it with shades of blue.  Oh no!  Is it because they're the colours of my little brother's school?  My mum is always going on about "maize and blue" and I admit the colours do look quite nice together.  But I'm wearing green too, so I guess I'm still okay...

Oh, that reminds me!  I think it was in fourth grade; I had this navy blue cardigan/sweatshirt (with navy print sweatpants?? I can't quite remember) that I liked to wear with a mustard-gold turtleneck.  But then!  I found out my teacher was a State-fan, and bitterly opposed to those colours.  And he was like the awesomest teacher ever, so I trusted his judgement of college sports teams whole-heartedly.  I never wore that outfit again :(

Oh well.  It sounds like a kinda dorky outfit anyway, now that I think about it.

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