Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is exciting, right!?  Look how awesome I am!!

In high school, or rather right after graduating high school, I went through a pirate phase (try and guess what year that was and what movie hit theaters that summer and it'll all make entirely too much sense).  But I suspect even before that I had a soft spot for them, as a fan of Peter Pan and his wonderful, exciting battles with Hook.  I asked my brother while wearing this outfit what he thought my theme was, and he was initially stumped.  Maybe the red-green christmas colour combo threw him off, but when I told him "I'm a pirate!" he said, "Oh yeah, Disney style with all the stripes."  I never really thought about Disney being the one to popularize stripes on pirates before... but they also seem to have established the "Alice is blonde and wears a blue dress" rule.  So apparently Disney's depiction of pirates have made lasting impressions on me.


  1. A movie that came out the year I graduated high school? Wait, how old do you think I am?!

    (actually, I've never seen Hook. Maybe I ought to fix that...)

    (and looking up Peter Pan movies, there were two that came out in the year and year-after I graduated, so maybe you just got them mixed up. but the movie that started my pirate phase was a different one, not actually Peter Pan-related.)