Friday, November 19, 2010

christmas elfin

I was called in to work in my mum's department at work, helping them design floral arrangements while one of the regular designers was out with a broken arm (of course it would happen at the busiest time of year for them). Mum had talked to me the previous week about possibly helping out, but it wasn't until 10pm Thursday night that she actually called me and asked if I'd be willing to come in on Friday. Of course, I agreed :D

Afterwards, I went to see Scott Pilgrim (for the third time) with friends!

I realized while colouring this drawing that I'd forgotten to write in what all I was wearing, so I had to search my memory for the colour of the shirt and the rose earrings (I have two pairs of rose earrings, in pink and in red). That's the danger of getting behind on these. But I recalled the purple shirt that almost-matched the bandana, and I figured I would have worn red roses since I was dressing in Christmas colours (for which purple totally counts—it's an advent colour!)

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